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Sweezer 2.0: The new generation of environmentally friendly tweezers

Swiss precision brand Rubis is once again setting the benchmark in tweezer technology with the launch of Sweezer 2.0, a unique tweezer made from 100% recyclable aluminium that redefines sustainability and combines it with unrivalled precision and performance.
Sweezer 2.0: The new generation of environmentally friendly tweezers

Sweezer 2.0 follow Rubis' innovative approach and offer a range of features that make them a must-have for any beauty enthusiast:

Precision-polished tip: Each pair of tweezers is hand-finished and polished to ensure a perfect seal and effortlessly remove even the finest and shortest hairs.

Ergonomic design: The edges of the Sweezer 2.0 is sharpened to ensure comfortable handling and ease of use.

Environmentally friendly: Sweezer 2.0 are the first ECO tweezers to be made from recyclable aluminium. They are lightweight, durable and the perfect addition to your handbag.

Versatile colour selection: The tweezers are available in six eye-catching colours to appeal to all tastes and add a touch of individuality to your beauty routine.

Sustainable packaging: Sweezer 2.0 come in recyclable and reusable packaging that emphasises Rubis' commitment to the environment.

Sweezer 2.0 are suitable for anyone who values environmental sustainability, quality, style and comfort. With their unrivalled precision and durability, they are an investment in your beauty routine. Discover the new generation of eco-friendly tweezers from Rubis!