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The TECHNO Tweezers from Rubis Switzerland

To improve our industrial tweezers for laboratory, medicine and electronics, we are experimenting new high-performance materials. The result is a new cosmetic tweezers with a polymer tip.
The TECHNO Tweezers from Rubis Switzerland

The Rubis Techno Tweezers are special tweezers with a fine, angled polymer tip with which you can grab even the finest and shortest hairs directly on the skin without damaging it. This makes the Rubis Techno gentler than steel tweezers and especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is ideal for plucking eyebrows and removing facial hair.

No regrinding is necessary for the polymer tip. To ensure perfect function, it is advisable to clean the tip with a bit of alcohol after use.

The Rubis Techno tweezers are available in silver, black, white and red.