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Rubis Switzerland has scissors for every purpose

Thanks to the quality of the material, design and workmanship, our scissors will become loyal companions over many years. Even with frequent use, they lose none of their functionality.
Rubis Switzerland has scissors for every purpose

Rubis scissors - What models are there?

Our nail scissors and the fine cuticle scissors Colibri, with which even the smallest skin particles can be cut off precisely, are ideal for manicures. We have developed special toenail scissors for the firmer toenails. Delicate children's nails are best shortened with the rounded baby nail scissors. For nose and ear hair there are special scissors Duck with a drop-shaped tip. The eyebrow scissors can be used to trim long eyebrows or shorten fake lashes. 

What is the special quality of Rubis scissors?

You should know about our scissors that they are all made of martensitic steel. The process goes back to the German metallurgist Adolf Martens (1850-1914) and means that the steel is particularly hard thanks to a special heat and cold treatment, but can still be easily shaped. The degree of hardness contributes particularly to the quality and long life of the scissors. The good formability enables a particularly attractive and functional design.Martensitic steel is acid resistant and rust resistant. We deliberately avoid nickel or chrome plating of the scissors in order not to cause allergic reactions. The ergonomically shaped handle of all scissors, which fits perfectly in the hand, offers maximum comfort.