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We reveal how it works: Define the eyebrows in 5 simple steps

Beautiful, full brows frame the eyes and add expression to the face—but not all of us are blessed with lush brows. We show you how you can improve your brows with just a few brush strokes.
We reveal how it works: Define the eyebrows in 5 simple steps

1. Rely on a youthful and natural shape

Eyebrows are unique to everyone and should remain in their natural shape. Full, slightly curved brows that are as long as possible are ideal. This shape looks youthful and is an excellent framework for the rest of the makeup.

2. Less is more when plucking eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows in the direction of growth with a brow comb, then stand back from the mirror to determine which areas need plucking. If possible, the length of the eyebrows should not be changed, as this affects the proportions of the face.

3. Eyebrow Products

A pointed pencil that adapts easily to the skin is ideal for emphasizing the eyebrows. A tinted brow gel is a great way to add extra volume. Choose a color that goes well with the natural tone of the brows. If you're unsure, avoid colors with reddish undertones and opt for cool, ashy shades, as they're the most flattering.

4. Apply eyebrow products professionally

Take a brow pencil and draw small strokes from the inner ends to the upper arches. Then try to slightly lengthen the brows as this makes a big difference with just a little effort. At this point, pause and judge the form from a distance. Instead of applying more product, blend the lines with a brow brush and ensure smooth transitions.

5. The right finish

If you have light eyebrows, you can use a tinted brow gel to color and reveal blonde hairs. Otherwise, just apply a clear brow gel to set your look.