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Eye make-up for spectacle wearers: Inspiration for your look

The world of eyewear is as diverse as the personalities who wear them. Whether you opt for an eye-catching model or prefer the elegance of minimalism - the right make-up can round off your look perfectly. In this article, we present some tried-and-tested make-up tips that will make your eyes shine through your glasses.
Eye make-up for spectacle wearers: Inspiration for your look

Focus on the eyebrows

The secret to a perfect eyewear look often starts with the eyebrows. Especially for glasses with a straight upper edge, a well-groomed brow arch is essential. Use the precise tweezers from Rubis Switzerland to eliminate regrowing hairs and emphasise your brow bone. Glasses with curved rims require harmonious eyebrows that emphasise the shape of the glasses.

Say goodbye to dark shadows

Glasses can sometimes emphasise dark shadows. Use a high-quality concealer in the corner of the eye and under the eyes to conceal these shadows. Brows drawn in to match the hair colour and a light brow gel provide the finishing touches and fix the shape.

Make-up tips for short-sightedness

Shimmering eye make-up is recommended for short-sighted spectacle wearers. Light-coloured eyeshadow and eyeliner pencils open up the eyes and make them appear larger. Radiant shimmer particles are the key to an enchanting look.

Make-up tips for long-sightedness

Long-sighted spectacle wearers rely on matte, darker eyeshadows to make their eyes appear smaller. Skilfully chosen make-up with smooth transitions ensures a balanced look and prevents hard edges.

Make-up tips for eye-catching eyewear styles: less is more

The motto for eye-catching eyewear is "less is more". Emphasise either the eyes or the lips so as not to overload the overall look. A touch of mascara and a colour-coordinated lipstick are often enough, especially with wide and dark frames.

Make-up tips for discreet eyewear models: more is more

Discreet or frameless glasses, on the other hand, allow for more lavish eye make-up. Experiment with eye-catching colours and dramatic eyeliner to set the scene.