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Autumn trend: Short nails in focus - Why less is often more

With the onset of autumn, nail care preferences are changing. This season it's "short is beautiful" - the trend is towards short nails. Rubis Switzerland, your expert for high-quality cosmetic tweezers and nail care tools, explains why this new look is not only practical but also extremely stylish.
Autumn trend: Short nails in focus - Why less is often more

Everyday practicality and pragmatism

With shorter nails, everyday tasks are much easier to accomplish. Typing on your smartphone, opening packages or writing - everything becomes more effortless. Practicality is key, and short nails are perfect for today's busy lifestyles. People are leaning towards a natural beauty look, and short nails are definitely that.

Easy care and durability

Short nails are more robust and less prone to breakage and chipping. They require less maintenance and last longer, which means you need to invest less time in nail care. This is especially beneficial for those who work a lot with their hands. Those who work neatly usually feel more comfortable with shorter nails in everyday life.

Variety of designs and colours

Short nails provide a canvas for diverse designs and nail polish colours - and simply look cooler than long "claws". From elegant neutrals to exciting colours, the possibilities are endless. Plus, shorter nails are perfect for minimalist nail art or trying out different patterns and styles. Even fancy creations somehow look unobtrusive and don't define the whole look.

Emphasises naturalness

Short nails emphasise the natural shape of the nail beds and make the hands look more well-groomed overall. They look classic, elegant and give a timeless appearance.

Suitable for every occasion

Short nails are extremely versatile and suit every occasion. Whether in the office, on special occasions or in everyday life - they are always appropriate and stylish.

Rubis Switzerland: Your partner for perfect nail care

With the high-quality nail care tools from Rubis Switzerland, you can optimally implement the trend towards short nails. With our clipper you can easily define a new, natural shape. Use our fine glass nail file to avoid splintering and breakage. File in one direction to minimise damage. Gently push back the cuticles to promote a healthy nail bed. Use a cuticle oil or our Push & Clean nail tool when doing this. Try the new look and experience the benefits for yourself.