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Do a lash lift yourself: How you can create a beautiful eyelash lift

Everyone wants long, curved lashes, but often the natural hairs are short and/or straight. A lash lift provides a beautiful curl. If you want to save time and money, you can try the DIY version at home instead of in a beauty salon.
Do a lash lift yourself: How you can create a beautiful eyelash lift

A lash lift is becoming increasingly popular among beauty treatments and promises a long-lasting uplift. The treatment is basically a perm for the eyelashes: chemical solutions are used to temporarily change the shape of the eyelashes, which usually lasts about four weeks.

If you want to save time, money and a trip to the beauty salon, you can try a home eyelash kit. These kits are available from various suppliers and contain all the utensils for several lash lifts. The contents usually include a cleanser, two lotions for loosening and fixing the hair structure, an adhesive, eyelash brushes, application sticks, a Y-tool and silicone pads in different sizes.

This is how the lash lift is done at home:

  1. Two silicone pads of the appropriate size must be stuck close to the upper lash line with the glue on both eyelids.
  2. Now the lashes have to be stuck as tightly as possible to the silicone pad with the lash glue. The Y-tool should help to really comb each lash cleanly upwards and stick it to the pad.
  3. The first lotion is then applied to the lashes with a stick. Concentrate especially on the roots of the hairs. The lotion makes the lash hair soft and flexible. After 10 minutes, the excess lotion is removed with the Y-tool and the fixing lotion is applied to fix the lashes in their new shape. Here, too, the application time is 10 minutes. Afterwards, the excess fixing lotion is removed from the lashes.
  4. Afterwards, it is the ideal time to colour the eyelashes, if you wish. However, colouring must be purchased separately, as it is not included in the lifting kit. When colouring, make sure that the hairs take on the colour much more strongly after the lifting.
  5. The last step is to remove any product residue from the lashes with a damp cotton pad. Then, using lukewarm water and a cotton swab, carefully remove the silicone pads from the eyelids, comb the lashes into shape and let them dry.

The whole procedure is not very easy, but with a little practice you can quickly get the hang of it and the great result at the end is a nice reward.