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The biggest nail polish mistakes

Some nail polish mistakes are persistent, so we've gathered some important information and tell you what to look out for when painting nails.
The biggest nail polish mistakes

Before applying, you should shake the nail polish.

Before applying nail polish, it is best to roll it over the tabletop a few times to mix the pigments well. When shaking, bubbles form and the nail polish loses its optimal consistency more quickly. 

Nail polish is harmful to nails.

Nail polish is part of the beauty routine of many women today. It has now been found that some ingredients and vapors are not necessarily healthy. The cosmetics industry has therefore started to bring out low-emission nail polishes. The notation 3-free, 5-free or 7-free means that 3, 5 or 7 controversial ingredients are omitted. 

A coat of nail polish is enough.

Most of the time the result doesn't look very even. It's better to gently push back the cuticles - our Push & Clean manicure tool is perfect for this - and then apply two thin coats. Four coats are even better: base coat, two coats of paint and top coat to seal. It not only gives shine, but also strengthens and protects the paintwork. However, each layer must be really completely dry before the next layer comes! 

The paint dries faster when you blow on it.

On the contrary: the moisture in the air we breathe makes the paint dry even more slowly. It is better to use a special quick-drying spray or oil.