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Which tools men should rely on in their daily care

A quick shower, wash your hair, shave and you're done... for a long time this was the standard grooming routine for men. But now men have discovered the benefits of taking care of themselves more.
Which tools men should rely on in their daily care

Overall, the trend is clearly towards well-groomed masculinity: beards are in, eyebrows are being discreetly shaped and the appearance should be casual and well-groomed. Anyone who likes to carry out their grooming ritual at home is well advised to use a few basic tools that are particularly suitable for men.

Grooming: Anyone who does not shave cleanly needs regular beard care. A little carelessness can look cool with three-day stubble. But too much coolness quickly looks unkempt. A trimmer and small scissors for fine tuning work wonders. Special tweezers with an extra-fine tip help with ingrown beard hairs.

Eyebrows: Very long eyebrow hairs should be combed upwards and then trimmed with rounded scissors. If you like, you can easily correct the brows according to the natural shape with precise tweezers.

Hair: Men in particular have the problem that hair appears in places where it shouldn't. So it makes sense to take a close look at the nose and ears and remove unwanted growth with a pair of special, rounded scissors.

Tip: It is best for men to get their own grooming set so that they are perfectly equipped. The simple leather case contains tweezers, special tweezers for ingrown hairs and nose and ear scissors.