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Everything firmly under control with the ProGrip series

The name ProGrip comes from „Professional Grip“. With these tweezers, Rubis meets the requirements of demanding beauty professionals. The model was developed in cooperation with beauticians, who value tweezers that are easy to grip and do not tire the hand even after prolonged use.
Everything firmly under control with the ProGrip series

As with a surgical instrument, the lamellae on the handle guarantee a good grip and the tweezers can be used effortlessly even with finger cream.

Because of its high functionality, the ProGrip is particularly suitable for make-up artists and use in cosmetic institutes. But private users should also appreciate the convenient handling .

As is usual with Rubis, the precision tips are perfectly matched by hand so that even the finest hairs can be plucked out without damaging the sensitive skin around the eyes. The tweezers are made of stainless steel and can be disinfected or sterilized if necessary.

In addition to the Classic variant, there is also an Evolution tweezers, a Pointer and a Universal model.