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Innovative and safe: focus on the Rubis Safety tweezers

In the world of beauty care, precision is the be-all and end-all, especially when it comes to shaping and grooming our eyebrows. But just as important as precision is safety when using cosmetic tools. Rubis Switzerland, known for its high-quality and precise cosmetic tweezers and manicure tools, introduces the Rubis Safety Tweezers - a masterpiece of safety and effectiveness.
Innovative and safe: focus on the Rubis Safety tweezers

Safety without compromise

The Rubis Safety tweezers are an innovative response to the needs of all those who value maximum safety. The rounded, angled tip of these tweezers minimises the risk of injury without compromising on performance. Ideal for anyone looking for a gentle but effective way to remove unwanted hair without irritating or damaging the skin.

High-quality workmanship for long-lasting quality

Each pair of Rubis Safety tweezers is handmade from high-quality, stainless surgical steel. This material not only guarantees durability and flexibility over many years, but can also be easily disinfected and sterilised. This makes the safety tweezers suitable not only for private use, but also for professional applications in beauty parlours and medical facilities.

Care and storage

Rubis Switzerland attaches great importance to ensuring that your tweezers retain their high quality and functionality in the long term. For this reason, the company recommends covering the safety tweezers with the protective cap supplied after each use. Although the tweezers are made of robust material, the functionality of the tips can be impaired if they accidentally fall to the floor.

Versatile application with maximum precision

The Rubis Safety tweezers are ideal for removing eyebrow hairs and other unwanted hairs. The rounded tips offer an additional level of safety, which is particularly beneficial for sensitive areas or users with sensitive skin. The tweezers enable precise hair removal without damaging the skin.