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Blushes, Bronzers and Highlighters

A little rouge on the cheeks makes the make-up perfect and quickly conjures up freshness on the face. But which color is the right one and what is the best way to apply blush? We have put together the most important tips on the subject of blush:
Blushes, Bronzers and Highlighters

Which color fits?

Blush should look natural. The most important criterion when choosing the color is that it harmonizes with the skin tone. The general rule is: bluish, cool tones such as rosé and pink suit lighter, pale skin. With a dark complexion, warm, earthy colors such as apricot, bronze or copper are suitable. If you are unsure, it is best to seek advice from a perfumery.


Which consistency is suitable?

Powder blush is the easiest to apply and is suitable for normal to slightly oily skin. It is best to use a primer beforehand and lightly powder your face. Use a blush brush to apply. Very oily skin types are best tried with a gel or liquid blush. For dry skin that has not been powdered, a touch of cream rouge is very suitable.


How do you apply blush?

Stand in front of the mirror and smile and then apply the blush mainly to the highest part of the cheekbone. It is best to use a thick brush for this. Blend the transitions well into the make-up. In general, the following applies: In order to visually broaden the shape of the face, rouge is applied to the outside and to make the face appear narrower, applied to the inside. Cream blush can be dabbed on with your fingers. First apply discreetly and then spread carefully over the skin so that there are no edges.


Caught too much?

Cream blush can be easily removed with a tissue. For powder blush, simply apply some loose translucent powder to soften the hue.


Let it glow!

To set highlights in the evening, you can apply some shine powder. Shimmer is always used where the sun falls: on the cheekbones, on the chin, on the bottom lip. A little highlighter under the eyebrows makes the eyes shine. Check the brows beforehand to see if there are superfluous hairs growing there and, if necessary, pluck and correct them with our tweezers.



If you want to look like after a day at the beach, you can apply some bronzing powder to your forehead, nose and chin before the blush. Gently apply with a large brush to those parts of the face that are also normally tanned by the sun.