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Our favorites for season holidays - Christmas gifts from Rubis Switzerland

There are still 2 weeks until Christmas. So it's high time to think about which gifts are suitable for your loved ones. Cosmetics & body care are often at the top of the wish list. It's all the nicer when you can give away an elegant beauty tool that lasts forever. We have a few gift ideas for you here - for every budget! Best of all, you can conveniently shop everything online.
Our favorites for season holidays - Christmas gifts from Rubis Switzerland

For mum

Mothers are happy about a noble pair of tweezers from the Rubis Prestige Line, because they are a real gem. You can choose from our SIX STARS model in gold or our simple, gold-plated classic tweezers.

For Dad

Your father swears by good craftsmanship? Then he will like the elegant Minuit set in dark blue with classic tweezers, nail file, scissors and nail clippers.

For the teenage sister

All young women are happy about colorful tweezers, such as our Action Painting tweezers, which are available in white, red, light blue and black.

For the best friend

A simple, pink lacquered pair of tweezers is ideal for a good friend. The Mandala Edition is also beautiful and perfect as a gift.

For brother (boyfriend/husband)

As soon as you turn your back, a family member grabs your tweezers and you can't find them anymore? Then it's high time men got their own tweezers too. Preferably a cool model, e.g. B. the Techno tweezers.

Our Needle Nose is ideal for ingrown beard hairs.

For the aunt

Does your favorite aunt have a soft spot for beautiful luxury things? Then our elegant mirror case is probably just right for you!

For babies

Someone in the family just had a baby? Then the chin-hugging Elefantina case with the rounded baby scissors fits.

For frequent travellers

If you are often on the go, you will certainly like to use our beautiful travel set with all the manicure tools that you like to have at hand: tweezers, nail file, scissors, nail sticks and clippers.

Pssst... Our long-lasting beauty gifts aren't just for your mum, sister or friend - they're also fantastic for making yourself happy! How about, for example, gold-plated eyebrow tweezers in a practical leather case?