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The Swiss cross on Rubis tweezers

The Swiss cross is our centuries-old typical symbol on the Swiss flag, the coat of arms of Switzerland and also on our tweezers - of course in the unmistakable Swiss red.
The Swiss cross on Rubis tweezers

In contrast to most other national flags, the Swiss flag is square and shows a free-standing white cross on a red background.
The exact origin of the Swiss cross is unclear, but the symbol was used as a standard by the old Confederates in 1339 at the Battle of Laupen.
The federal military flag was adopted by the newly founded federal state in 1848. The Swiss cross at that time was made up of five squares. In 1889, the Federal Assembly determined the form of the Swiss cross that is still valid today.

Traditionally, the Swiss flag is mainly used for decoration on the Swiss national holiday on August 1st and is sometimes hoisted throughout the year. In the wake of so-called Swissness, using the symbol on souvenirs, clothing and design objects has become popular since the 1990s.

At Rubis, the Swiss Cross is available on our new Swiss Edition with a filigree, punched-out silhouette, or in a classic color on the Classic Swiss Cross tweezers.