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Perfectly styled eyebrows: A guide to brow mapping

Eyebrow shape plays a central role in the world of make-up. It can change the entire facial expression and perfectly emphasise the face. One method that is becoming increasingly popular is brow mapping. This technique is mainly used by professional make-up artists to create symmetrical and harmonious eyebrows. However, brow mapping also offers an excellent basis for everyday use to get your eyebrows in top shape.
Perfectly styled eyebrows: A guide to brow mapping

What is brow mapping?

‘Brow mapping is a technique that helps to find the perfect eyebrow shape for every face. It is based on the individual facial structure and ensures that the brows are symmetrical and proportional. This is particularly important as asymmetrical eyebrows can have a major impact on facial expression.

The steps of brow mapping

1. Facial analysis: The first step in brow mapping is to analyse the shape of the face. It is determined where the brow should begin, have its highest point and end. This is done by marking points along the brow.
2. Marking: These points are connected with a pencil or brush. This creates a template that represents the ideal brow shape.
3. Adjustment: Using this template, the brows can then be plucked, waxed or coloured to achieve the desired shape.

Advantages of brow mapping

  • Symmetry and harmony: Brow mapping creates perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that give the face a harmonious appearance.
  • Individualised adjustment: Each eyebrow is individually adjusted to the shape of the face, so that the natural beauty is emphasised.
  • Basis for permanent treatments: Methods such as microblading or brow lifting can be carried out on this basis to achieve long-lasting results.
  • Brow mapping for everyday use: Brow mapping can also be used without professional help to get your eyebrows in top shape. With a little practice and the right tools, such as the Rubis Classic tweezers, anyone can conjure up perfect eyebrows at home.