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5 simple tips to get your nail polish dry in a flash

We all know the challenge: you only want to touch up your nail polish once and run the risk of the freshly applied nail polish losing its flawless appearance. To ensure that this mishap no longer happens to you, we present five simple and effective tips to make your nail polish dry in no time at all.
5 simple tips to get your nail polish dry in a flash

1. Ice water or cold water from the tap:
Ice water or simply cold water from the tap - the choice is yours. After applying the polish, allow it to dry briefly and then give your nails a refreshing cool down. The result: shock freezing for fast hardening.

2. Nourishing baby oil or professional drying drops:
A drop of conditioning oil or a targeted drop for quick drying? Decide for yourself whether you want to use baby oil or special drying drops. After the nail polish has dried slightly, the baby oil works for a minute and is then wiped off, while the drying drops give your nail polish a radiant finish in an instant.

3. Hairspray or magic drying spray:
Harness the power of the alcohol in hairspray or rely on the magic power of a special drying spray. Hold the hairspray at a safe distance and spray it onto the slightly dried paintwork. Or use the drying spray to achieve a flawless finish within minutes.

4. Thin coats and quick-drying top coat:
Less is more - especially when applying nail polish. Opt for thinner coats, which not only dry faster but also last longer. Use a quick-drying top coat to complete your manicure in record time.

5. Nail foils for a quick look:
Nail foils are the ultimate solution when you really need to go fast. Simply stick them on, cut them to size with our classic scissors and seal with a top coat, depending on the product. It could hardly be quicker, and the result is long-lasting.