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If you want to get compliments on your eyebrows, try these skincare products

When it comes to perfect brows, the right grooming products are key. Here are some of our beauty favourites that are guaranteed to get you compliments on your eyebrows:
If you want to get compliments on your eyebrows, try these skincare products

Already known to our grandmothers: Castor oil

Castor oil has been known for generations for its nourishing and growth-promoting properties. This applies to hair, eyelashes and also eyebrows. It is best to apply the oil to the eyebrows in the evening with a spiral brush. The hair structure is clearly smoothed and cared for. With prolonged use, even small gaps in the brows will close.

Promote growth with an eyebrow serum

A high-quality eyebrow serum is like a nutrient cocktail for your brows. It contains specifically selected active ingredients that promote growth and strengthen the hairs. Apply it daily and experience how your eyebrows become visibly thicker and stronger. Again, be patient and, above all, use the product regularly to see results after a few weeks. It's best to take a before and after photo to document progress.

Eyebrow wax for a feathered look

Ever since it became "in" to brush your brows feathery upwards, eyebrow pomades have been booming. With unruly hairs, the look is sometimes a challenge because the brows just won't stay in place. Then it usually helps to carefully work the product into the brows, brush the hairs upwards and press them against the skin. If you want the look to last, try a brow lift.

Eyebrow gel, when you need to go fast

For a natural look, just use a brow gel. A transparent or slightly tinted product provides shine and hold. Thanks to its ease of use, a brow gel is also great for touch-ups on the go.

Eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps and correct shape

An eyebrow pencil should have a very fine tip to precisely trace delicate hairs. This creates a very natural look. This way, you can also change the shape a little or fill in small gaps without having to worry about creating unnatural brow bars.