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The symbiosis of sustainability and design at Rubis Switzerland

Swiss Design - does it actually exist? If you take a closer look, you will discover so many examples of outstanding design that it's actually surprising that Switzerland hasn't long since been recognised as a design nation.
The symbiosis of sustainability and design at Rubis Switzerland

Perhaps it is also due to the much-cited understatement, because almost everyone has heard the names of design icons such as Max Bill, Le Corbusier, Willy Guhl, Werner Max Moser or Hans Coray, all of whom actually come from Switzerland.

Who hasn't seen Le Corbusier's cowhide-covered lounger or Willy Guhl's curved Loop Chair made of Eternit?

But Switzerland is not a country of grand gestures, so the design is also characterised by clarity and functionality. Well thought-out down to the last detail, beautifully shaped and indispensable for everyday use - these are attributes that apply to designs made in Switzerland.

Design from Rubis Switzerland

This is also the tradition to which Rubis is committed: carefully manufactured products of convincing quality that are accessible to everyone and make everyday life not only more beautiful, but also easier. As traditional tools of the trade from the watchmaking industry, the precision and functionality of the tweezers have become internationally recognised and today impress users from all over the world.

For Rubis, design is perfect when it produces simple and incorrigibly good everyday objects that you wouldn't want to do without.

In times of sustainability and durability, this approach is more relevant and important than ever before. At Rubis, design becomes a timeless expression of quality and responsibility.