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Eyebrow-Trends 2021

This year's eyebrow trends offer the right look for every type. With just a little contact you can give your personal face a completely new expression.
Eyebrow-Trends 2021

# 1 Colored eyebrows

It's easy to test a new look on yourself with colored eyeshadow. If you like the result, then dare to dye and turn your eyebrows into a real statement.

# 2 Well-defined eyebrows

The clearly defined eyebrows are a simple look that requires some care with a brow pencil and gel as well as regular plucking.

# 3 Shaved eyebrows

We know this style from the nineties - and now the brows come back with a shaved gap.

# 4 Feathered Brows

For feathered brows, you need a little flair for styling. The best thing to do is to pick up a piece of glycerin soap, dampen it, and run over it with a browbrush. Then style your brows upwards with the lather.

# 5 The almost mono brow

The eyebrows, which have almost grown together in the middle, are a distinctive, natural look that Frida Kahlo made her trademark.

# 6 Bleached eyebrows

For bleached brows, you color the brows so lightly that they can hardly be seen. For a short-term effect, you can make the hairs disappear with light powder and concealer.