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Scissors Straight Blades
Scissors Straight Blades
Scissors Straight Blades

Scissors Straight Blades

  • Rubis solves your problem
  • Clean cut
  • Hardened scissor blades
  • Best design
  • Fit in the hand perfectly
  • Once Rubis, always Rubis
Article number: 1C200

Classic, straight scissors in elegant design. Efficient and unique shape. They fit perfectly in the hand. These multi-purpose scissors are suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as paper and thin cardboard scissors, bandage and tissue scissors and origami creation.146 mm long

Long-bladed, rounded scissors made of hardened steel. 146 mm long.

The scissors are made of high-quality, stainless surgical steel, which can be easily disinfected and sterilised. The steel from which the Rubis scissors are made is hardened to ensure a good polish and precise, clean cuts.

Made in our Swiss factory to the highest quality standards. Rubis products are the result of traditional craftsmanship, strict throughput controls and a finishing process under the magnifying glass. No tool leaves the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in material or surface are permitted.