Rubis sharpening- and repair service


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Quick Overview

If you send us your Rubis tweezers, we’ll resharpen and readjust them by hand.



The perfect touch

Many people are very fond of our tweezers. They often accompany the user over decades. Therefore, owing to numerous requests, we’ve set up a small workshop whose only job is to bring tweezers which have been damaged back to top form. Every Rubis tweezers that is sent to us will be carefully examined by hand, sharpened and readjusted. So that they perform as perfectly as on the first day.

What do I have to do?

1. Order our sharpening service as you would any other product in our shop. Please remember to provide your delivery address with your order should it differ from your billing address.

2. Each “sharpening service” order is always for one tweezers - and only for one Rubis tweezers, especially as the quality of many other tweezers does not allow for regrinding or adjusting.

3. After you submit your order you will receive e-mail confirmation. Please print two copies of this e-mail: one copy for your records and one for us. Enclose the copy of the order confirmation with your tweezers so that we can easily identify it.

4. It is very important that you protect your tweezers against damage in transit as well as possible. Therefore, please place your tweezers and copy of the order confirmation in a well-padded envelope.

5. Please use the proper amount of postage and send it to:

Outils Rubis SA
P.O. box 629
CH 6855 Stabio

6. After we receive your tweezers, we will sharpen and adjust it by hand and send it back to you as quickly as possible.

PS: Please note that overseas orders carry additional shipping costs.

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