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Tweezers Pointed ProGrip


• Made in Switzerland
• Perfect closure of the tips
• Graps the finest hair
• Surgical steel, anti-rust, acid-resistant
• Perfect balance and design

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The pointed tips are recommended to guarantee maximum precision for the removal of ingrown hairs, splinters and objects beneath the surface of the skin. We recommend disinfecting the tips before using them. They are also perfect for grabbing finer hair or removing blackheads. The tips are similar to a needle and require careful use.

The tweezers have been made with top-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing excellent, long-lasting flexibility over the years. Furthermore, this material can easily be disinfected and sterilised.

We manufacture all our tweezers in Switzerland, respecting the highest quality standards. Rubis tweezers are the result of 45 meticulous processing steps which ensure total perfection in the tips’ closure and unique manoeuvrability thanks to their balanced weight and ergonomics. No Rubis tweezers leave the factory without having passed two quality checks. No scratches, no material or finish imprecision is allowed. Swiss quality and precision are not only respected, but exalted in form and colour.

Rubis has created the Pro-Grip line in collaboration with those who use tweezers every day: professional beauticians. These new tweezers have been studied and designed to provide maximum comfort with prolonged use and ensure a firm grip in order to precisely control movement. We recommend always using the protective cap when storing your Rubis tweezers after use. Every pair of Rubis tweezers is hand-finished; although the tips are quite resistant, accidentally dropping them could compromise their functionality.