"Superficial luxury and the times of overstatement are over.Instead, there is a new luxury that focuses on the value of things. I call it sincere luxury."
Fides Baldesberger

New needs, new horizons

With Rubis prestige tweezers, you never miss a hair!

  • Passion for quality
  • Strong believe in Swiss precision manufacturing and traditional handwork
  • Reliability of product
  • Anticipates new needs and fashion
  • Innovation with new materials, technologies and designs

A lifetime tweezer to pass onto the next generation

Rubis, an internationally renowned premium brand

Rubis has established itself as a brand with an excellent image thanks to years of continuous brand management. It remains important, however to prove every day that consumers are right to place their trust in this premium brand. Make-up artists such as Bobbi Brown (USA) swear by our products.


All of our products are made by hand from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

And during all processes, our products are repeatedly tested and controlled, so that no product leaves our manufacturing facilities that does not meet very highest standards. Our passion for quality reflects our quest to preserve Swiss craftsmanship and to combine this with state-of-the-art technology.

Made of steel

Fides Baldesberger

Owner & CEOSteel is feminine

There’s something archaic about steel -and, at the same time, something ultramodern. It is from this hard material that Rubis creates its gentle, rounded forms - the classic Rubis design. “The steel remains the same”, says Fides Baldesberger. "It invites one to experiment, to discover the many things that can be done with it. Every time it’s a fight to determine who is stronger: the idea or the material. For me, steel is feminine."

Here's where we work

Rubis actually lives its values. The architecture of our headquarters in Stabio, Switzerland, embodies the symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. It is this unique mixture that makes the location so fascinating: nature and art, creativity and skill, the traditional and the modern.